This model is equipped with five burners, thereby offering you a bigger working surface. The Gas control function automatically turns off supply of gas in the absence of a flame, and the system of electric ignition on handles will make work with a cooktop convenient.


Type of cooktops gaz
Power Source 220 V / 50 Hz
Gas pressure - natural gas  (methane), Mbar (not more) 20
Gas pressure - liquefied gas (propane, butane),Mbar (not more) 30
Case meterial stainless steel, tempered glass
"Gas Control" function enable
Electric ignition enable
Number of gas burners, units 5
Front left burner output, kW 1,75
Front right burner output, kW 1
Rear left burner output, kW 1,75
Rear right burner output, kW 3
Middle burner output, kW 3,8
Dimensions, mm (Height x Width x Depth) 680 х 520 х 85
Dimensions of package, mm (Height x Width x Depth) 750 х 562 х 153
Net weight, kg 13
Gross Weight, kg 14