Avalon microwaves - for those who value their time. The stylish design of Avalon microwave ovens will perfectly fit them into any interior. The ergonomic, touch-sensitive control panel will make it as easy to use as possible, and the auto-cooking menu, six power levels and the Inverter technology will save your time and money. Avalon microwaves is practical inside and attractive outside.


Material / Color Stainless steel + glass Silver
Internal volume 25 L
The diameter of the pallet Flat
Coating of the walls of the working chamber stainless steel
Temperature control Sensory
Output Power 900 W
Microwave 1400 W
Grill enable 1200 W (TEN)
Combined enable
Convection enable 2050 W
Preheating enable
Control enable
Number of power levels 6th
Maximum Operating Temperature 200 ° C
Dimensions (H x W x D) 310 * 510 * 490 mm
The size of the inner cavity (H x W x D) 220 * 340 * 344 mm
The weight 18.6 kg