This model is equipped with for burners, thereby offering you a bigger working surface. The Gas control function automatically turns off supply of gas in the absence of a flame, and the system of electric ignition on handles will make work with a cooktop convenient.

Type of cooktops gaz
Power Source 220 V / 50 Hz
Gas pressure - natural gas  (methane), Mbar (not more) 20-25
Case meterial stainless steel
"Gas Control" function enable
Electric ignition enable
Number of gas burners, units 4
Front left burner output, kW 3,6  (Defendi, Italy)
Front right burner output, kW 1,0  (Defendi, Italy)
Rear left burner output, kW 1,8 (Defendi, Italy)
Rear right burner output, kW 1,8  (Defendi, Italy)
Dimensions, mm (Width x Depth x Height) 620 х 510 х  85
Dimensions of package, mm (Width x Depth x Height) 665 х 575 х 165
Net weight, kg 15
Gross Weight, kg 17