Avalon AVL-GH595 cooktop is a technically perfect solution for a modern interior. It is equipped with five gas burners, which are controlled by an automatic electric ignition system. Cast iron grilles with a rough surface guarantee a stable placement of dishes.

Type gas
Power supply 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Gas pressure - natural gas (methane), mbar (no more) 20-25
Body material Stainless steel
Gas control function enable
Electric ignition enable
Number of gas burners, pcs 5
front right burner 1,8 kW (Defendi, Italy)
rear left burner 1,0 kW (Defendi, Italy)
burner rear right 3,0 kW (Defendi, Italy)
rear left burner 1,8 kW (Defendi, Italy)
middle burner 3,6 kW (Defendi, Italy)
Dimensions, mm (W x D x H) 909x510x85
Dimensions with packaging, mm (W x D x H) 960x575x170
Net Weight, kg 13,5
Gross Weight, kg 15,6