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The origin of AVALON™ 

Brand name origin

The history of AVALON™ carries magic features which are directly connected with legends of the best times and the powerful.

If we address to history, then in all cases the word “Avalon” is connected with reliability, perfection and magic. These three characteristics go in inextricable link in any interpretation of AVALON™. 

Brand name origin returns back to immemorial times. For the first time the name “Avalon” was mentioned in 1135 year when the king Arthur’s sword was forged on Avalon Island. This fact was reported in Galfrid Monmutsky's chronicle "History of kings of Britain" ("History of Britons"). 

According to the legend, the sword has been given the magic and thus it became confirmation of the royalty, a symbol of wealth, wisdom and greatness. The most skillful smiths in the world forged this sword on Avalon Island. Therefore everything related to Avalon symbol is characterized as premium quality products. Thus AVALON™ home appliances emphasize the owner’s status.

The foundation of AVALON™  

AVALON™ was founded in 1956 year by Belgian Theo Breughel. From the middle of the last century Theo Breughel started to develop and design luxury products in the sphere of innovative technologies of household appliances. In spite of autism illness in childhood, Theo has become the innovator in the technologies world.  

AVALON™ initially was a small company which produced household appliances only in the limited edition for the special orders. For long years of working the company has diligently been winning loyalty of Western Europe consumers. The secret of success is the embodiment of innovative developments, high functionality and practicality. 

Company Vision 

The aspiration to an ideal combination of forms and functional perfection is embodied in AVALON™ refined design. AVALON™ reflects the spirit of the present which is reflected in the fashion trends and at the same time the brand has its individual style.

In 2000’s after long studying and markets assessment AVALON company management made the decision to steer the course to India, China and Africa. AVALON goods started to be sold in these countries.